Kalamper VISTA


Complex VISTA is an exclusive design of the company KALAMPER doo, which was built on one of the most beautiful parts of the Montenegrin coast, the Bar, the place Dobra Voda. The complex was designed and built with the intention of being in an environment representative of the real estate market.

The complex is located on a 12500m2 area and each part has an open view to the sea and offers outstanding panoramic view of the beautiful landscape. The complex consists of 10 villas and two apartment buildings.

The complex is located at 200 m above sea level, on top of the hill where the sea and mountain air strikes in the untouched environment of rocks and coastal vegetation. With sweeping views and an average slope of plots of 180 degrees complex oversees the sunny south-west

The design of the complex is designed in a modern style, which is characterized by an unusual form of construction which together makes the architecture itself completely fits into the landscape that surrounds the complex.
In the construction of villas and apartments that make up this complex are used the best materials from the world's leading manufacturers, which guaranteed the quality and durability of the elements themselves. During the design of the space was taken into account to every corner of the objects to be functional and provide complete comfort to the end user.


The facility installed Netbook systems, to video monitoring and fire alarms. The building is living character possesses his ministry which supervises over 24 hours and provides security room in the complex. The complex also has a service for maintenance to complex and residential units.